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If you think masturbation is not a SIN you are probably right but is it too scary you are performing blood sacrifices and convenants with demons

It is a deliberate attempt not to post this article / blog under "Religious" sector, i decided to push this under "Ideological" to help us see things clearly from different perspectives and possibly help us think very deep about our lives. If you are a christian, don't be embarrassed hearing absolute truth about this topic.

Is masturbation a sin according to the bible? Should a Christian practice it? This video will address this very important question!
You are about to learn a very powerful hidden truth about the devils blood sacrifice and blood exchange with humans by a "simple act of masturbation"
Please share this video to help others. God Bless, STAY VIGILANT & FEAR NO EVIL !!!

Demonic Sex Exposed When U Sleep With Some One You Encounter All Their Spirits

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