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OpenBinacle the leading free industry social network platform for professionals and non-professionals releases a new dimension of Artificial Intelligence

OpenBinacle, the leading free industry social network platform for professionals and non-professionals releases a new dimension of Artificial Intelligence.

Facial Recognition - Our new facial recognition artificial intelligence apps algorithm can now detect and decrypt user facial expressions moods: sad, happy, disgust and angry. In the coming month our machine learning algorithms will determine the kind of advert, suggested apps, video, live streaming feeds or e-learning videos and suggested networking groups you can join on OpenBinacle, which will best suite your business or personal needs. Our users voice synthetics, emotional expression and eye retina logs will determine these leads.

SaaS - Our Software as a Service is an out-of-the-box solutions which connect business associates through the collaboration features within these management software. These platforms helps you become very productive in your business, academics and personal goals. Business owners are able to locate customers that are most likely to convert.

AppStore (Toolbox) - This is an engine that allow app developers to create and publish their own blogs, content, apps or website API documentation on this engine. Our SEO is so effective and your website will be easily spotted on google search engines and stand a chance to increase your website traffic and conversion rate So, take a bold step and advertise your website. It is completely free.

When it comes to BIG DATA company like ours, we want our machines to learn users and understand their entire behaviour base on their physiology-psychological patterns. In a world of social structure where billions of messages or photos or videos are exchanged every milliseconds, I can bold say 60% of those post are not personalized based on your interest or mood. Sometimes you end up watching funny videos and cat videos and possibly sleep off or perhaps didn't learn anything or good conversion rates for your business.

It is a lot of work, at least sitting in front of my CORE i7 laptop writing a lot of code 15-17hours everyday, the stress is worth it and we are happy to be steps ahead already in the game. We will release our cognitive learning machine algorithm, video calls and teleconference on our android and IOS apps at the same time. We will release full detail in the coming month.

To learn more about OpenBinacle latest Products and services, visit https://www.openbinacle.com/saas
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