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Hire developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely on the cloud, with powerful containers.

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Build & Test

You're safe with us. Hire developers and ensure developers build on your cloud server. Step up your ability to build, manage, and deploy great apps at scale with OpenBinacle.

High Performance

Our solution lets you manage your complete infrastructure (server, storage and network) in a flexible way. It's the ideal solution for applications with unpredictable traffic.

Grow & Scale

Forget about infrastructure management and concentrate on developing your business. Your apps run inside smart containers in a fully managed runtime environment.

Cloud Containers

We make your apps run inside powerful containers in a fully managed runtime environment, you can handle everything — configuration, orchestration, load balancing, failovers, logging, security, and more.

You manage the operating system and engine for your databases, leaving you at full disposal to massive infrastructure to help you concentrate on your business.

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Designers & Creatives

Graphic Designers. UI/UX Designers. Motion graphics experts and more...


Writers. Blog Writes. Content Writers. Copywriters and more...

Voice Assistance

Virtual Assistant. Personal Assistant. Transcriptionist. Web Researchers and more...

Customer Service Agents

Phone Support. Email Support Experts. Live Chat Support and more...

Marketing & Sales Experts

SEO Specialist. Email Automators. Marketing Experts and more...

Accountants & Consultants

Tax Accountants. Book keepers. Financial Modelers and more...

IT & Networking

All IT & Networking. Database Administrator. ERP / CRM Experts. Information Security Experts and more..

Engineering & Architecture

3D Modeling & CAD Experts. Chemical Engineers. Civil & Structural Engineers. Contract Manufacturers. Electrical Engineers and more..

Some of our products

Here are some of our most popular "software as a service" projects.
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e-Learning / Survey Platform

e-Learning / Survey App (SaaS)

We encourage people to read inspiring books and acquire strong analytical thinking skills. Our platform offers financial reward system for survey or test.

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Church Financial Portlets

Church Financial Portlets (SaaS)

Our social church solution helps to standardize work processes, boosts work efficiency, and enables knowledge accumulation.

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OTT / IPTV Transcoder

OTT / IPTV Transcoder (SaaS/IaaS)

Create your own satellite TV package, with Smart cross-screen video player and built-in monetisation support. Easy integration into your tech stack. Lightning fast delivery across any screen & platform. Powers transactions with AI & machine learning.

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