'The next generation of industry professional network and artificial intelligence'..

- Connect, build ideas and express yourself in a new way.


Our vision is to give everyone in all industries around the world; the opportunity to connect, inspire, build their ideas, express themselves in a new way. To organize all of the research data in the world with artificial intelligence; and make these relevant or suggestive data accessible to everyone at the right time based on their profile preferences


OpenBinacle started out in the living room with co-founder Faith Gabriel in 2013, she was a great encouragement to kick start the development of this huge project and it was officially launched on June 25, 2015.

Emmanuel Gabriel is the founder and CEO, and our management team is made up of great like-minded and innovative young people in their respective fields.

OpenBinacle is a privately held company and has a diversified business model.


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Our founder, Emmanuel Gabriel discovered the needs for sensors, identifiers, unmanned air-borne vehicles (UAV) otherwise known as "drones", Linear Robots and wireless technology to communicate and interact with human beings and then he advanced to a great point where they could bring amazing social networking experiences to human lives. This gave birth to OpenBinacle.


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Connect with fantastic people in the same industry or network with you.
Join in & meet up with like-minded people on their networks - both virtually and on ground.


Connect with your industry and find toolbox custom-built (AppStore) or Share Points apps from open source developers on openbinacle.

Connect with friends, co-workers, families and meet new people in your community.


Be the first to capture the news and stream with your mobile or desktop device and notify your friends, family and the nearest TV stations or Radio stations. .


Upload video on your channel and share with Connect with friends, co-workers, families and new people in your community.


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