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Breaking News Lucifer has Arrived
Breaking News - Lucifer has Arrived!!!

Major Points:

1. Anyone that doubts that evil exist after watching this video is simply part of that evil. This so called dance is not a celebration of building the longest tunnel in switzerland,but a real satanic ritual to usher in something beyond our wildest nightmare. Wake up people, this is a satanic ritual.

2. The clock face at the end was at 9:15, please open your Bible if you got one and read Revelation 9:1-15 and also try and especially verse 15: " So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour, the day, the month, and the year, were released to kill a third of mankind." They are telling us what they are doing. Don't be so foolish and in your comfort disregard what the Holy Spirit may be promoting you to do. Get your hearts ready, the Day of our Savior returning is at hand.

3. They have dug the most extremely deepest hole into the soil, calling forth Lucifer to come out to the surface of the earth.
4. They started building this tunnel since 1976, it is now completed and the opening ceremony was 1 week ago in satanic worship style in Switzerland.

Video 1 - Title: Lucifer has Arrived!!!
Recorded by BBC World News - With biblical interpretations by TruNEWS (TRUTH SHOCK TV)

With biblical interpretations by TruNEWS (TRUTH SHOCK TV)

Video 3 - SHOCKING VIDEO: Satanic Ritual Opening Of World's Longest Rail Tunnel
With biblical interpretations by Pastor D (End Times News Ministry)

Please forward this link to everyone on your whatsapp contact and start praying right now for those who haven't received Jesus Christ as their Saviour. THIS IS ENDTIME where riches, fame or most richest in the world won't matter anymore.
For those who haven't received JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Saviour, i am begging you now, please "REPENT FROM YOUR SINS TODAY" and follow JESUS. This is because If you don't rapture when Jesus comes, then it is your fault. I did my path by ministering to you through my social account.

Posted on 15th June 2016.
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