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OpenBinacle is currently changing its business privacy policy

is currently changing its business privacy policy..

From May 28th, 2018. OpenBinacle will introduce a lot of new features and functionality. We are now taking a new pivot to become a great company.

We will start operating as a "'platform as a service"[PaaS], "Infrastructure as a service"[IaaS] and "Software as a Service"[SaaS], this which will enable employers to hire developers or freelancers to build, run and operate applications entirely on the cloud, to avoid intellectual property theft. We want to ensure you connect with the right professionals, build your own cloud working space and share cloud environment with your team.

We will bring together the worlds industry professionals and non professionals, to make them more productive, successful, share ideas and as well express themselves in a fun new way. Our collaboration platform which allow professionals and non professionals across the globe to synchronize their ideas together, which can go along way to help them achieve multiple objectives seamlessly.

OpenBinacle is now focusing on diversified business model ranging from B2B to B2C and C2B. It cuts across the following below:

1. Professional social collaboration

2. PaaS / SaaS / IaaS/ Television as a Service (TVaaS)

3. e-Learning / Survey for data understanding and deep learning.

4. Video Ad Service with Predictive yield optimization aided by AI & machine learning.

On the above date, our users will have the ability to navigate to the new features with a SINGLE SIGN-ON

We need to say a "BIG THANKS" to our existing users for staying with us since these years. You are our HERO!

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