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Much of my concern has come from data that suggest adults age 18-34 so called Millennials, do not visit news sites, read print newspaper, watch television or seek out news in huge number.

This generation instead spends more time on social networks, often on mobile devices. The worry is, Millennial awareness of the world, as a result, is narrow, their discovering of events is accidental and passive.

Let me tell you the truth, Christianity is just one generation away from complete death. If we do not pass on the history of Jesus Christ (The Omnipresent) and the creation of the World by God to our immediate generation "Gen Z(1996-2010 ) and Gen Alpha" (2011-2025), our children will be over taken by the atheist and muslims, you doubt me? Wait till then.....Africans may not believe this, because they are great worshippers of God and gods..Europeans, Asians are in this mess already.

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