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OBTranslate Rolls Out Its Content Moderation Program

OBTranslate Affilate

Content Moderator *

Moderate and review our massive pool of languages

OBTranslate www.obtranslate.com rolls out its content moderation program. To incentivize African language research experts to join the platform, around the globe. Content moderators will moderate and review the massive pool of languages, our users are currently feeding our machine deep learning and neural network systems.

As a content Moderator or language research expert, you have best practice of monitoring and applying a pre-determined set of rules and guidelines to user-generated submissions to determine best if the communication (machine training, translation, in particular) is permissible or not.

OBTranslate content moderation relies on our own AI/ML technology to deploy the first round of moderation to ensure fast results! The use of a human will always be necessary to determine "gray areas" that require a human touch.

How It Works

Content Moderation

Moderate and review our massive pool of languages. Raise a red flag on a project if incorrect.


Earn $0.03 for an awarded project. You can cash-out to Paypal or local bank account.

Invite Your Friends

You get $0.05 USD per invite and earn 2% commission from your friend monthly income.

For people of African descent

* Breaking language barriers in Africa*

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