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posted on 31-03-2016 10:52:57

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posted on 31-03-2016 06:30:29

The truth behind black and white people

The truth behind black and white people

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posted on 31-03-2016 08:30:13

Stop Racism

The world is a beautiful place accommodating people from different culture and skin colors. When you see the rainbow, i guess we all appreciate and love it. When you see the piano with black and white keys, you admire it, isn't? God created and allowed us to be this way. We are simply piano in the hands of God, when HE PLAYS IT, we are expected to produce beautiful melodies and not HATE melodies. Speaking about black slavery, Joshua Sheeley, you spoke well. It is africans who sold their brothers, sisters and children, father's and mothers to slavery business men for a shinning coin, hair comb and mirrors.

Speaking about intelligentual superiority, who is superior than the other? None.......but we must admit and give it to the white people....plssssss. They invented planes, done space travelling more than any race in this world. Please this madness should stop. There is a simple law of nature "dont criticise people you are aspring to be like or learn from". The simple fact is that, the world will always differentiate between those whom are making researches for tomorrow and those in haste to get rich quick or fold their hands and do nothing while pointing fingers to other race.....

I am a black man and I just want to make common sense..........

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posted on 29-03-2016 09:03:58


Connect with your industry and find toolbox custom-built (AppStore) or Share Points apps from open source developers on openbinacle.

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