Current Job Openings

OpenBinacle is a Europe-Africa based technology company. An industry based professional network, container-based cloud computing "platform as a service" (PaaS), "Infrastructure as a service" (IaaS) ,"Software as a Service" (SaaS) and "Artificial intelligence as a Service" (AIaaS).

Our mission is to give everyone around the world; the opportunity to connect, build ideas and express them in a new way. We are focus on creating economic values with machine learning and artificial intelligence; and help people to get a better life with technology.

Job Positions:

Machine Learning SW Developer (M/F) - SWDE01OBT

Data Engineer (Python) (M/F) - DEPY01OBT

Senior Data Scientist / ML Engineer (M/F) - SDSME01OBT

Machine Learning Engineer (Ph.D) (Internship) - MLE01OBT

Java ,J2EE Developer (M/F) - J2EE01OBT

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